Privilege Discount Program
for professionals

This program entitles you to a 15% discount on makeup items on our online store without any annual or membership fees!

This program is open to anyone working in a field that requires the purchase of professional quality makeup, such as film set makeup artists, face and body painters (child parties and festivals), beauty salons, self-employed, etc.

All application must include a minimum of two (2) copies of job evidence listed below:

- Professional employment contract

- Trade union card

- TV station identity card 

- Check stub

- Diploma or vocational certificate

- Letter from an employer

- Any other relevant document

Make your application now!

Send the completed form and a copy of the requested documents to


* All evidence must be dated within one year.

* All evidence must contain the full name of the applicant (proof of identity may be required).

* For self-employed, you must provide your company number and at least two proofs of professional contracts.

* Excludes people who already have a company that does makeup retail.

* We reserve the right to revoke access to the program to anyone who does not comply with these conditions.